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We visited La Bufadora at Ensenada Mexico through Carnival Cruise Ship but we are not going to review the Carnival Cruise on this blog, maybe some other time. This is all about the trip to La Bufadora (Blow Hole). La Bufadora for me was created by nature as the water hits the rock and spits into the air about 70 feet or more (didn't count that one).

 La Bufadora is considered to be the second largest marine geyser in the world (the largest is located at Makapuu Point in Oahu, Hawaii) This marine geyser phenomenon is caused by ocean waves being forced into a partially submerged sea cavern, causing great amounts of air and water pressure to build.
By Baja Bound.

Transportation - For us, we booked an excursion through Carnival (around $50/person). You can also booked a tour on the terminal, just be careful who you deal with. Also, you can book a tour online ahead of time to find cheaper deals. Furthermore, we can also suggest that you can hire a taxi and make a deal with for a day tour which will cost about $10 / person depending how many are you in a group.

Shopping -  Before you reach in the exact location of the blow hole, you have to walk for 1/2 a mile and pass the different kind of stores. They sell souvenirs, sombreros, panchos and even medications. Yes, they have drugstores. Most of them are very cheap but be sure you know how to bargain, always ask for the best price they can offer.

Restaurants- One thing we loved of the most was the street food. From there you can find the most authentic tacos in Ensenada and probably the most delicious churros we ever had. Also, if you like seafood, they sell grilled giant clam with ceviche toppings. Our advice is not to go with fancy restaurants instead, try different stalls like this picture at the top. Their tacos is just a dollar, you can tell them what kind of meat you like and they will give it you, then you get to pick your own toppings or salsa for you tacos.

The Blow Hole -  When you reached the blow hole, typically there is always crowded and you find will have a hard time taking pictures without a crowded background. Also, the spits of the water is not always high, that would depends on the weather if it is low tide or high tide. 

Overall, our La Bufadora Experience was a great one, not just because we saw the blow hole but instead the shopping and the street food we tried. We definitely going back here again and recommend this to our friends and family. La Bufadora is a must see tourist destination in if you visit Ensenada Mexico. 

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